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Introducing The Vape Shop Master Class
The First-Ever Training Course That Helps First-Time Entrepreneurs Start a Vape Shop
We want 2016 to be the year you start your vape shop. The Vape Shop Master Class delivers all of our best training videos and resources from over 30 successful vape shop openings. It's the only training course designed to get your vape shop plan started within 24 hours. 

What we've created is essentially a "business in a box" for new Vapreneurs. Don't just read the book or watch the VAPE U videos. Complete all seven comprehensive training sessions, craft a business model that fits your strengths and begin planning your vape shop launch today. The Vape Shop Master Class is a collection of all the training videos and resources we have ever made about starting a vape shop. 

When you invest in the Vape Shop Master Class, you will receive an email with a link to the course homepage on Register a login and password immediately get access to all the training videos and resources. If you are already a site member, your account will be upgraded to give you access.

You'll be able to instantly download the book, the 90-Day Success Plan Template, The Business Model Template and the eBook "How To Pick a Brick and Mortar Location" when you log in to the course homepage. 
Here's What You Get With The Vape Shop Master Class:
  • "Vapreneur" - 2nd Edition in PDF format - Updated and improved to celebrate VapeMentors' three-year anniversary, "Vapreneur" chronicles the stories of eight first-time entrepreneurs who achieved massive success in the vape space, with details of how exactly they succeeded. Also learn about the top opportunities for today's vapreneurs
  • The 90-Day Success Plan Template that Norm has used to successfully help launch over 30 vape shops across the country. Understand the importance of a soft opening and when to begin hiring your first employee
  • The Business Model Template that replaces a complicated business plan. You don't need a 50 page dissertation to start your new vape shop. All you need is a business model. Simply outline your plan, identify your market and execute. Learn why your personal strengths and weaknesses are all that matter, and that only when you acknowledge your weaknesses can you build a business that lasts
  • The First-Ever Release of Our $497 Archives - VAPE U-Six Pillars to Vape Space Success has been sitting in our vault since February 2015. We originally wanted to sell it for $497, but with the special three-year anniversary of VapeMentors, we decided to package it into the 2nd Edition of "Vapreneur." These six exclusive lessons from seven masters of vape walk you step-by-step through the complicated vape industry. Learn how to start your own e-liquid line, the secrets to branding your shop for success, and how to pick hardware products your customers will love. It's the only course of its kind to help new vape shop founders
  • BONUS VIDEO: Beyond Vape Shop Essentials - The ONE training video you need to start your vape shop plan tomorrow - this new addition to the VAPE U series answers the 10 most common questions new vapreneurs have about opening a vape shop, including how to hire great employees, how to work with suppliers and how much to budget for a new shop
Our Most Valuable Resources For New Vape Shops All In One Place
The 2nd Edition of "Vapreneur" will help you peer behind the scenes to understand the successes and failures of eight other vapreneurs who are now crushing it in the vape space. 

The 90-Day Success Plan Template and Business Model Templates are the same training documents Norm used to help 30 of his one-on-one clients launch successful vape shops. 

Plus, our most popular eBook: "How to Pick a Brick and Mortar Location" shows you the secrets to picking a great retail spot for your shop. 
"Vapreneur," the 90-Day Success Plan Template, Business Model Template and the eBook "How to Pick a Brick and Mortar Location" are the only tools you need to start your vape store launch plan today. 

"Vapreneur," 2nd Edition (PDF)
13 chapters packed with actionable advice about opening a vape store and succeeding in the vape industry. 

Learn from eight other vapreneurs with in depth case studies ranging from product designers, e-liquid manufacturers to fellow vape shop owners. 

No other book has gone behind the scenes to uncover so many essential industry secrets.
90-Day Success Plan Template
A start to finish guide that Norm uses on all of his new store openings. Learn how to prep your store for success from square one. 
Business Model Template
Understanding your weaknesses is more important than capitalizing on your strengths. This guide will not only help you craft your business model it will help you tailor it to your specific situation.
eBook: How to Pick a Brick and Mortar Location
Don't let a good business get stuck in a bad location. 

This guide shows you Norm's step-by-step process for picking a successful retail spot for your vape shop. 

Use modern tools like Google Earth to size up your local demographic and Yelp to research your competition.
PLUS Eight Hours of The Best Video Training in the Vape Industry:
VAPE U-Six Pillars to Vape Space Success
It's the first and only online training series made specifically for new vape shop founders

VAPE U consists of six focused training sessions taught by seven vape industry experts in over eight hours of exclusive video tutorials. You won't find a more comprehensive overview of the vape industry centered specifically on how to start and grow a vape shop.

This is the first time we have released these $497 archives to the public. Only students who joined us for the live session in February 2015 have seen these webinars. Now they are available to you at a discounted price as part of the Vape Shop Master Class. 
VAPE U, Session I - Business Strategies and Models with Norm Bour
Norm covers topics such as how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to grow your own business by focusing on your core competencies. 

By the end of this session, you'll know how to develop a personal business model - even if you have no business background. 

Session Length: 1h, 35m
VAPE U: Session II – Branding and Competitive Positioning with Maria Verven
Maria covers how to use tried and true branding strategies to stand out in a crowded vape space. Can you define your unique selling proposition? Do you know what your target demographic wants? Maria applies proven PR and marketing strategies to the vape space - strategies that she employed herself as a VP of PR at an international PR firm. 

By the end of this session, you will know how to craft a winning brand strategy for your vape shop and how to implement the strategy for success. 

Session Length: 1h, 20m
VAPE U: Session III – Product Selection and E-Liquid Manufacturing With Grimm Green and Michael Guasch
Vape product reviewer and YouTube legend Grimm Green talks about how to keep up with all the vape products coming over from China. Michael Guasch takes us inside his factory at Molecule Labs and talks about the pros and cons of working with a contract e-liquid manufacturer. 

By the end of this session, you will have a deep understanding of the products you should be selecting for your vape shop. You will also know how to work with a contract manufacturer to get your custom e-liquids made to your specifications. 

Session Length: 1h, 34m
VAPE U: Session IV – Customer Acquisition, Retention & Service With David Collins
David Collins of California Vaping Company shares invaluable information on how to properly brand and launch a custom eliquid brand, hire your first employee and create a retail experience that your customers will love. 

By the end of this session, you will know how to reverse-engineer your customer's wants and needs to attract and retain ideal customers for your store. 

Session Length: 1h, 12m
VAPE U: Session V – Dealing With The Law With Azim Chowdhury and Gregory Conley
Azim Chowdhury and Gregory Conley share insider information on both how the states and the FDA are regulating in the vape space now and in the future.

By the end of this session, you will know all about state and federal regulations that will affect the vape space this year and beyond.

Session Length: 1h, 17m
VAPE U: Session VI – Social Media & P.R. In The Vape Space With Ray Yang
Social media sites have rules around vape products, so how do you use them to market your business?

Ray Yang show us how to circumnavigate the convoluted rules to promote your vape shop.

By the end of this session, you will be able to craft a winning social media strategy for your vape shop using Ray's proven tactics. 

Session Length: 1h, 10m
BONUS VIDEO: Beyond Vape Shop Essentials
What We Cover:
  • How Much You ACTUALLY Need to Open a Vape Shop
  • How to Work With Your City, and the ONE Permit You Probably Don't Need (But Everyone Thinks You Do)
  • Why You Should NEVER Work With a Chinese Supplier, and the Better Alternative 
  • Plus Much More...
This 60-minute video is the ONE video new vapreneurs MUST see before opening their shop - and the ONE video our former VAPE U students haven't seen yet. 

We go in depth on the top 10 most commonly asked questions about opening a vape shop - like how much to budget for a new location and where to find the best wholesale suppliers.  It's the single most comprehensive video about opening a vape shop.   

Remember, this video is brand new and EXCLUSIVE to the Vape Shop Master Class. 

If you do nothing with the other training resources in this course, at least watch this ONE video.  
Warning: This Package Will NEVER Be Priced This Low Again

We will raise the price of the Vape Shop Master Class. 

Normally, we would charge $497 for just the VAPE U archives (in fact some people have already asked me to sell them the archives at that price), but I feel it's time to make 2016 the best year for starting a vape shop with a 70% off promotion.  

You can bet that this entire package will not be priced this low for long. The $197 price will only be available for a limited time.

Your Investment Is 100% Risk Free

If this package doesn't help you start your vape shop plan in 24 hours, then we don't deserve your money. 

I have personally spent three years helping more than 30 entrepreneurs start a vape shop, so I know the pitfalls most people face. The VapeMentors team has spent hours and days compiling the information into the most complete guide for new vapreneurs available today. We are also giving out a great discount in celebration of our three-year anniversary. But, even so, we realize it's probably not for everybody. And that's OK. 

So, if for any reason you don't see results in your plan to start a vape shop within the first 30 days, please feel free to email me. I will personally return your investment. 

Get Access to the Complete
Vape Shop Master Class Now
Just $197
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee
Secure payments through PayPal...
P.S. - If you're just skimming and just want to see what the offer was... the Vape Shop Master Class is a comprehensive guide to opening a vape shop learned from helping over 30 first-time entrepreneurs start their own shop. We periodically raise the price, so this price is limited time only. Act now to get access to the most complete guide available to new vapreneurs. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...
How Long Will It Take To Get Access To The Training Material?
You'll get access right now. 

All of our training videos are housed at and ready for your immediate viewing. 

You will receive an email with a link to login to an account at After you register a username and password you can login and view the videos 24/7 from a desktop or mobile device. 

To get the discount, you will need to enter the promo code provided at checkout. 

Vapreneur and the accompanying business templates will be available for download from the same course homepage. 

Save them to your computer or print them out for easy access. 

You can get started on your vape shop plan right away. 
Is There a Guarantee?

All of our trainings have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just send an email to and we'll give your money back. 

We hope it doesn't come to that, but if you're even a little bit worried that this course isn't right for you, then put your mind at ease. 

You either get the results you want or get your money back. It's as simply as that!
Why Just $197?
If you've seen our ads for the full VAPE U live courses, then you know we normally charge $497. But we have decided to give you a special deal. Here's why:

1. These videos have been sitting in our vault for a while. We have been dying to release these videos since February 2015 and this was the best opportunity.

2. We love our audience and want them to succeed. $497 is a large commitment for most people. This price point lets us give you maximum value while still providing excellent information.

3. We asked our audience what we should charge. $197 is what you told is we should charge for this course, and we agreed with you. 

We also believe that once you experience this training course you'll want more training and maybe...just maybe... you'll come back and join us for our next live  VAPE U course.

That's it. No fine print or hidden tricks. Just the information you want at an affordable price. 
What is VAPE U Exactly?
VAPE U is our flagship training course for vape industry entrepreneurs. We bring together the most successful people in the vape industry who share knowledge via online webinars with people like you who  are just starting out. 

VAPE U-Six Pillars To Vape Space Success focuses specifically on how to start and grow a vape shop. These sessions were recorded back in February 2015 with our live students. We are releasing the recordings for the first time with this training package. 
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  • Over Eight Hours of Training Videos - The most comprehensive training resource for new entrepreneurs in the vape space. 
  • Vapreneur, 2nd Edition - Updated for 2015 with eight inspiring success stories
  • Norm's Private Planning Templates - Use the same easy to follow business planning templates that Norm used to launch 30 vape shops across the country
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